Exact Macola Customer Testimonial: Sutter's Mill Specialties

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Posted on Nov 4, 2015 7:30:00 AM by Exact Macola

Sutter's Mill Specialties is a leading provider of custom laser engraved products. They manufacture unique, high-quality promotional and advertising products for companies around the world.


Before using Exact Macola, Sutter’s Mill was struggling with production slow downs. Their engraving machines were taking more time to set up than doing the actual engraving work on each job and they were too reliant on paper documents that could easily be lost or buried.

Success with Exact Macola

Sutter’s Mill worked with Red Deer Systems to implement Exact Macola Software. Since then, they have doubled their production and sales without purchasing another machine. “If I had not gone to Exact Macola, I would have had to purchase another ten machines. So there was a great savings to our company,” explains Michael Butler, President of Sutter’s Mill.

With Exact Macola, “it just flows,” says Brian Matthews, CTO of Sutter’s Mill. “It has allowed us to do things that we couldn’t have otherwise done.” What used to require 12 sheets of paper now only requires two and everyone on the team can now easily track the status of orders.

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