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Posted on Sep 7, 2016 1:31:02 PM by Exact Macola

This is the 5th blog in the six-part blog series for the Macola 10.4 release:

  1. 10.4 Overview
  2. Workspaces 2.0
  3. Financial Consolidation & Accounting
  4. Automated Workflows
  5. Business Intelligence & Forecasting
  6. CRM

To recap, the 10.4 release provides enhancements that continue Macola 10’s promise of new core business functions, streamlined activity and process management, and a more robust—and a more personalized—user experience.

In all, Macola 10.4 boasts 51 new features that empower you to collect more meaningful data, provide more powerful business intelligence with greater actionable insights and enable decision making to reduce expenses, improve efficiencies and increase profits. But let’s get back to Business Intelligence & Forecasting...

Business Intelligence and Forecasting

ERP systems are traditionally great means to collect data about everything that is happening in your business. Any system comes with lists of reports that present that data, but what do you do when normal reporting just isn’t enough anymore? Reports are a part of any business’ day-to-day activity and are pivotal to success, but what if you need to dig deeper into the data and make critical decisions based on this data? Or what if you need to project what might happen? Or need to see how two totally disparate pieces of data interact and change when one or both change? With business intelligence and forecasting you can take your data to the next level by gaining deeper insights into your data as well as forecast future requirements.

Business Intelligence

Exact Insights powered by Qlik delivers intuitive platform solutions for self-service data visualization, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting. Visualize and explore information, generate insight and make better decisions. Interact with data without limitations to generate insight in ways you never imagined.

With Exact Insights powered by Qlik, you can visualize your data, see how data interacts and spot trends that were previously buried in a mountain of information. Search and explore vast amounts of data – all your data. With Exact Insights, you’re not constrained by preconceived notions of how data should be related, but can finally understand how it actually is related. Analyze, reveal, collaborate and act.

Selecting one piece of information will update all the information in your document and let you start to see how it all is related. With Exact Insights powered by Qlik, you can also aggregate your data across a myriad of sources and get one holistic picture of your business.

Business Intelligence Video
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Macola 10.4 integrates with Forecast Pro and amplifies Macola’s inherent forecasting capabilities for material planning and procurement. This tool set takes the guesswork out of resource planning, sourcing materials and labor in sync with forecasted demand - increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

One of the biggest challenges of any business is understanding the ebb and flow of when to ramp up production or distribution and when to scale back, and being prepared for those big surges that hit at certain times. Be prepared for the future with accurate forecasting!

With Forecast Pro, you can create accurate forecasts quickly and easily using proven statistical forecasting methods. Research has shown that no single method works best for all data, which is why Forecast Pro provides a complete range of forecasting approaches to address all types of business needs. Forecast Pro's models accommodate seasonal demand, product hierarchies, product promotions, slow-moving items, causal variables, outliers and much more.

Forecasting Video
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