Exact Macola 10 Customer Testimonial: G.L. Mezzetta, Inc

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Posted on Oct 7, 2015 7:00:00 AM by Exact Macola

G.L. Mezzetta is a leading producer of high quality peppers, olives, and specialty foods in the United States. They have been family-owned since 1935 and are committed to bringing their customers the highest quality foods available.

Because G.L. Mezzetta prides itself on quality, they wanted to find an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with processes that were reliable and robust. They wanted an ERP system that would provide assurance about the way they were doing things.


“We didn’t go into this to save money. We went into it to get smarter.”

- Don McCall, Director of IT, G.L. Mezzetta




Two years ago, G.L. Mezzetta was using a system that wasn’t working for them. Employees didn’t understand the processes, they were having trouble tracking where money was being spent and they were struggling to educate a department with high turnover. “We had business users that didn’t know what to do or why they were doing it,” explains Don McCall, Director of IT.


Success with Exact Macola 10

After implementing Exact Macola 10, G.L. Mezzetta is now able to track exactly where money is being spent and better manage internal tasks. Because they import a lot of raw materials and fresh produce from Europe, they have to consider things like freight, duty and changes in the euro when tracking their costs. And that’s something they are now able to accomplish with Exact Macola 10.

“Not only does it give us access to information we didn’t have before, but it saves a lot of time out of everybody’s life compared to when we had to try to figure out what did happen,” says McCall.

Thanks to workflows and document management, one department now saves four hours every day on just one task. Instead of dreading completing required tasks in an outdated system, employees now enjoy using Exact Macola 10 as their main source of information throughout the day.

In the department with high turnover, G.L. Mezzetta now uses custom Exact Macola 10 workspaces to quickly get new employees up to speed. This makes training easy and keeps knowledge within that department.


Hear Don McCall, Director of IT at G.L. Mezzetta, Inc, share their story in the video below.



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