Exact Macola 10 Tech Tip: How to Link Documents to a Workspace

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Posted on Jan 27, 2016 4:10:32 PM by David Dozer

In the previous tech tip we showed you how to setup a document type to store engineering drawings. Today we will explain how to link that specific document to a workspace.

First we need to get our data lined up. So let’s look at a simple query that gives us our items linked to the current active version of the document type we setup last time. Please note this is just a sample of the tables that you want to join in order to get the data you need to link directly to the attachment from your active document version:


SELECT i.ItemCode,




       convert(varchar(256),a.Entity) AS Entity,

       convert(varchar(256),a.ID) AS AttachmentID


--select from items table

       items i 

--join to documents

       LEFT OUTER JOIN bacodiscussions b ON i.ItemCode = b.ItemCode

--join to versions table

       LEFT OUTER JOIN BacoDiscussionVersions bv ON b.Version = bv.Version

              AND convert(varchar(256),b.id) = convert(varchar(256),bv.DocumentID)

--join to attachments table

       LEFT OUTER JOIN Attachments a ON convert(varchar(256),bv.DocumentID) = convert(varchar(256),a.Entity)

              AND b.Version = a.VersionID

--filter down to the example from the previous tech tip

WHERE b.type = 1000010 --this is your type ID from your document type setup

AND i.ItemCode = 'bikepp' --this is the sample item we used last time


Next you will add the query to your dataset in SSRS. In our example we are creating a simple table from our query:




Next we will configure the menu function on the ItemCode field. Make sure you add Entity, AttachmentID and Version as available values:


=UFssrsCA.CAFunctions.ContextualMenu("AttachmentTest",Variables!ReportID.Value,Parameters!Division.Value, Fields!Entity.Value, Fields!AttachmentID.Value, Fields!Version.Value, "") 


Save your report and deploy to your Exact Macola 10 environment. You’ll have the following menu:




Now open the document you created in the first blog post and right click on the Download link and go to properties:




Copy the URL and then configure your workspace menu. Replace the values in the URL with the values from your menu parameters:





You’ll now have a menu pick that takes you directly to a version controlled attachment!




You will be prompted to open or save the attachment:





In a few simple steps you’ve now incorporated dynamic links to attachments stored in the Exact Macola 10 document management system into your workspaces!


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