Exact Macola 10 Tech Tip: Launching the Customer Account Card from a Workspace

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Posted on Apr 27, 2016 11:09:09 AM by David Dozer

Please note that this article assumes a working knowledge of creating custom SSRS workspaces.

In this tech tip we will look at how to configure a custom workspace to be able to launch into the customer card. We will also show a sample of how to get the correct unique identifier when pulling back office data but wanting to launch the web-based card.

In this example we will pull data from our back office database and join it to the front office database to get the correct ID number of the customer so that we can launch the customer card from our custom workspace.

select ord_no, ord_type, ord_dt, cus_no, bill_to_name, convert(varchar(256),c.cmp_wwn) as cmp_wwn

from oeordhdr_sql oe

inner join [synergy]..cicmpy c

on oe.cus_no = c.debcode

In the above example we are running the query against our back office database and joining to the account table in our BPM database (Synergy). You will notice that we are bringing in the cmp_wwn from the BPM database. This is because this ID is needed to launch the account page. You’ll also notice that we are converting this value to a varchar. This conversion can be done in SSRS as well but it saves a little time since we already have to write our SQL query. This is because the parameter values can’t accept unique identifier values.

Now, in our SSRS report we will create an action on the account (cus_no) field and add the cmp_wwn as an available parameter:

=UFssrsCA.CAFunctions.ContextualMenu("Customer_Number",Variables!ReportID.Value,Parameters!Division.Value, Fields!cus_no.Value, Fields!bill_to_name.Value, Parameters!Division.Value, Fields!cmp_wwn.Value)

Now, the cmp_wwn will be available to use as a parameter value in your menu picks.



To create a menu pick to launch the customer card you will configure a pop up window or a hyperlink with the following URL:


Because 4 is your ID, it will launch the account card page with the ID of the customer account you are trying to view.





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