Exact Macola 10 Tech Tip: Using Search Templates to Create Custom Reports

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Posted on Feb 17, 2016 9:30:00 AM by David Dozer

There are a number of tools available in Exact Macola 10 to help you get the data you need out of the system. You can utilize the hundreds of out of the box reports, design custom reports in Crystal and SSRS, or use the Workspaces as a powerful reporting tool.

But what if you just want simple list type reports that are configured to return what you specifically want to see? Then the Template functionality is exactly what you need!

In this example we will turn a search on Help Desk requests (a workflow that we have configured in our Exact Macola 10 environment to track when employees need IT assistance) into a one-click report.


First go to Modules/Workflow/Reports/Search

Creating custom reports in Exact Macola 10


Next we will search on our IT Help Request and use the wrench to customize what fields we see in the results.



In the customize screen we have the ability to select which fields we want to see displayed in the list, what order we want to see them, and if we want to add any totals to the bottom of the list.



If need be, you may also add addition search criteria to the search from this screen by simply checking on the elements you want to be able to search on. For example, I will add status because I want to only see open help desk requests.



Once I save my changes I will be taken back to the search screen. I’ll now add my status of open and hit show to validate my results.



My results look good! So I’ll hit Search to take me back to my search screen.



Now, on the right-hand side of the screen under Templates I will either pick public or one of the private settings and then hit save.



Note that private will mean that only you as the creator will have access to this saved report. Picking one of the other settings will allow you to share it with others inside your organization and even add it to a shared Workspace.



When you hit save you will be prompted to give this report a name.



This saved report will now be listed under your templates for future use.




You may also select it and hit show and then on the results page add that to your favorites so you can access it regardless of where you are at in Exact Macola 10. And now you can also add a direct link to this report from any Workspace!


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