Exact Macola Solution Providers Team Up to Solve Customer’s Unique Business Needs

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Posted on Dec 30, 2015 9:00:00 AM by Exact Macola

FlowChem_Logo.pngFlowChem manufactures and delivers products to the oil pipeline industry. These products known as DRAs (Drag Reducing Agents) are used to help crude oil move more efficiently through the pipeline. Exact Macola Solution Providers, Copious Solutions and Mayer Group, are working together to provide a complete solution for FlowChem’s business needs.


FlowChem has several unique requirements as they manage the production of DRA products and a fleet of tanker trucks used for deliveries. Copious Solutions will build an end-to-end solution using Exact Macola 10. The combination of workflow and business process automation will provide an integrated order, delivery, and billing system.


In addition, Copious has teamed up with Mayer Group to build out an iPhone application for the truck delivery fleet. The application will integrate with Exact Macola 10 and allow delivery drivers to record deliveries in real time for immediate invoicing. This will be called the POD (Point of Delivery) system and will significantly compress the order to cash process flow and allow for real-time reporting and projections.


We look forward to seeing these solutions in action!


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