Exact Macola Supports Credit Card Processing with PAYware Connect

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Posted on Aug 26, 2015 7:00:00 AM by Exact Macola

We are excited to announce a new integration with VeriFone’s PAYware Connect.

PAYware Connect is completely hosted so there is no longer the need to run a payment server locally or set up anything other than the appropria

te Exact Macola settings on the customer’s side. Utilizing this new solution also helps with maintaining our customer’s PCI compliance as the only place credit card information will be stored locally is in the Exact Macola SQL database where it is encrypted with our proprietary encryption routine and password protected in the application. Anywhere else that credit card information resides is on the VeriFone servers where they meet and stay up-to-date with PCI compliance regulations.

With the sunset of PC Charge and its compatibility issues with Microsoft Windows, we have decided to phase out support for VeriFone’s PC Charge application and we will no longer re-sell Verifone solutions. PAYware Connect may be purchased directly from Verifone.

Please note: In order to use the PAYware Connect integration, customers must be on a minimum of Exact Macola ES 9.6.100 code or Exact Macola 10. Exact Macola Progression does not support the PAYware Connect solution.

More information about PAYware Connect can be found by visiting the VeriFone website here.

If you have any questions about Exact Macola credit card processing integrated solutions, please contact Dave Dozer, Senior Functional Designer.


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