21st Century ERP Benefits

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Posted on Dec 9, 2016 2:46:43 PM by Nick Mears

21st Century ERP

This is the 2nd part of a three-part blog series titled, “21st Century ERP,” which consists of the following posts:

  1. Six Signs You Don’t Have a Modern ERP Solution
  2. 21st Century ERP Benefits
  3. Who in Your Business Would Benefit the Most from 21st Century ERP?

Poll: 3 Primary Benefits of New ERP

We recently conducted a poll of both Macola customers as well as prospects and asked this question: “What area of ‘New ERP’ would bring the most benefit to your business?”

We found the results to be very interesting, as over 60% claimed that the greatest benefit of ERP was Automated Workflows. The next closest, at 25%, was Built-in CRM, with Personalized Workspaces coming in third.

Of course, there are many more benefits of a new ERP solution, such as streamlining operations, managing key business functions, increasing productivity and growing profitability—just to name a few. But for now, let’s look a little more closely at the three benefits listed in this poll: automated workflows, built-in CRM and personalized workspaces.

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CRM with Macola 10

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Posted on Nov 4, 2016 2:52:44 PM by Nick Mears


This is the 6th blog in the six-part blog series for the Macola 10.4 release:

  1. 10.4 Overview
  2. Workspaces 2.0
  3. Financial Consolidation & Accounting
  4. Automated Workflows
  5. Business Intelligence & Forecasting
  6. CRM

To recap, the 10.4 release provides enhancements and new functionalities that continue Macola 10’s promise of new core business functions, streamlined activity and process management, and create a more robust—and a more personalized—user experience.

In all, Macola 10.4 boasts 51 new features that empower you to collect more meaningful data, provide more powerful business intelligence with greater actionable insights and enable decision making to reduce expenses, improve efficiencies and increase profits. But let’s get back to CRM...

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Diary of a Mad Sales Manager: I Need Integrated ERP and CRM!

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Posted on Jul 23, 2014 9:00:00 AM by Russ Lesko, Sr. Business Consultant

Does this Mad Sales Manager sound like you? 

8:00am – You arrive at work. You look for that sales pipeline report that should be on your desk. You call Sales Administration and they say they did not get the spreadsheets faxed in from the western regions. You ask, “Why?” Crickets.

8:15am – You check your email. Right on schedule, you get two emails – one from the Mad Materials Manager and one from the Mad Financial Manager. (Remember them?) They both want to meet with you this morning.

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Why We Love ERP (And You Should, Too!)

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Posted on Apr 23, 2014 12:30:00 PM by Exact Macola

Yes, we love ERP. We want to shout it to the farthest industries in the world who are still using clunky, disparate software applications to run their human resource departments, accounting offices, warehouse logistics and customer service departments. We love ERP and you should, too!

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